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Consultancy is offered ‘from ballast bed to board room’. The consultancy activities varies from developing and implementing of a strategic maintenance vision, (management) contracts, independent assessment of cost calculations or project development, assessment against existing legislation, mediation, assessment of a maintenance plan, safety assessments. This consultancy is related to a technical and/or organizational background in the area’s railway infrastructure, railway safety, interaction between infrastructure , rolling stock, operations, contracts and exiting legislations.

Examples of executed consultancy activities
- formulating of a Strategical Maintanence vision;
- formulating the criteria for a maintenace contract;
- formulating of a maintenace contract;

- formulating critical targets
- formulating the template of the periodic reports;
- stucture the longterm maintenace plan;
- setting up the mainenance strategy;

- implementing a maintenance plan;
- independent assessment of rapports, action plans, criteria for a contract, cost calcualtions;
- second opinion on contract documents;
- validation of a realized project against the design criteria;

- independent judgement and advice on conflicts between parties;
- Independent Safety Assessment on Safety Cases;
- independent expert on safety and accident investigation;
- independent report on decision making proces;

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